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New Hanover County, North Carolina
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Public Comment Form

  1. Public Comment Form

    The agenda items listed are available for public comment at an upcoming Planning Board or Board of Commissioners meeting. Comments received by 8 AM the day of the applicable meeting will be made available to the Board prior to that meeting and will be included as part of the permanent, public record for that meeting.

  2. Projects available for comment.*

    October 5, 2023 Planning Board Meeting

    • Rezoning Request (Z23-18) – Request by Cindee Wolf with Design Solutions, applicant, to rezone approximately 1.63 acres zoned R-15, Residential located at 6218 Carolina Beach Road to (CZD) B-2, Highway Commercial for the uses of office and warehousing.  

    October 2, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

    • Rezoning Request (Z23-16) – Request by Aaron Hutchens with Summit Design and Engineering Services, applicant, to rezone approximately 1.34 acres zoned R-15, Residential located at 4580 S College Road to (CZD) CB, Community Business for a vehicle service station, minor and other limited uses. 
    • Rezoning Request (Z23-17) – Request by Adam Sosne with MHMJ, LLC, applicant, to rezone approximately 12.68 acres zoned B-2, Highway Commercial and R-15, Residential located at 5322 Carolina Beach Road to (CZD) RMF-M, Residential Multi-Family – Moderate Density for a maximum 200 unit multi-family and townhouse development.

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